Lets Grow Your Business Together

You will learn how to:

Acquire and retain more clients

Completely by-pass the “trial and error” phase of wasting money and more importantly time. I have personally filtered through the sales and marketing techniques that will work to get you more clients.

Make more money without spending more time

You will learn how to leverage value to be able to charge more money per hour. Imagine if you could increase your coaching rates by only $5-$10 per client/per hour. If you train 30 hours per week, you will instantly make an extra $600 - $1,200 without having to lift a finger.

Leverage your brand for long-term sustainability as a full time Personal Trainer

You will more than likely want to slow down the hands on personal training, whether it’s 5 years or 10 years from now. We will use the power of time to start building your brand now. So you can monetize your brand and have enough money to either start another venture or spend less time in the trenches of personal training.

Learn how to build an actual business from the ground up

Are you personal training to pass the time or do you want to build an actual business? We will walk through the exact blueprint used by professionals to develop the fundamentals in order to create a serious business, not just a side-hustle.

More examples of topics i help with

  • How to build a brand you can monetize

  • Creating different revenue streams from your Personal Training business

  • Setting and increasing prices for your services

  • Objection handling

  • Using social media and other tactics to get more clients

  • Delegating tasks and creating processes to save time and money

  • Reducing the amount of cancellations

  • Vetting new clients (how to work with only “good clients”)