Smiling Brandon


I'm just kidding. This isn't going to be a long biography. I'm going to give you a few highlights into my life. However, if you're interested in hearing more send me a message! 

To everyone that doesn't know Toronto, Canada well. I was born in a small city called Pickering about a 30-40 minute drive east of Toronto. (Toronto has the CN tower and looks cool which is why my cover image is of Toronto)  

My goal of helping personal trainers achieve their goals all started as a favour for a friend. He mentioned to me that he hated the business end of personal training and just wanted to help people get in shape. After going through the basics of business with him, he was able to leverage his new knowledge steadily work his way to more and more clients. Then I realized that there might be more people that might need my assistance.

Ever since then I’ve been focusing my skills and knowledge to help personal trainers reach their goals.

Long story short I now help personal trainers with the business side of their business. Helping them increase their profits and letting them make a living off of their passion of helping others.

Want to get in contact? Email me at askbrandonquan@gmail.com