Let's face it. You went through all of the trouble of getting your certifications, education and putting hours in the gym. You know every muscle in the body and how they operate. You went through the trouble of figuring out all of the muscle insertions and origins.

You found your passion was personal training and helping people, so you started your own PT business. Only to find that building a business is harder than you thought. You continually struggle with sales and marketing and never know how you’re going to get your next client. That's where I come in. I'm the business guy, I help personal trainers create explosive growth for their business and increase not just the amount of clients you will get but the amount of MONEY you will make. 


What People Have to Say

“He has been an amazing help for teaching me how to find and keep my clients.”


I've worked with Brandon for the last four months. He has been an amazing help for teaching me how to find and keep my clients. As well, he's taught me how to keep profiles on my clients so that I can maintain their progress. Anyone trying to grow their personal training business and learn more about the business aspect of personal training, I would highly recommend him!

- David H.

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Insights for Personal trainers: Learn to Grow Your Business

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