Figuring Out Your Target Client

You've decided to make the push to help people. Now you have to decided what type of people you want to help. You can eventually branch out into other niches. But when considering strategy and business growth, it is far easier to isolate and become an expert in one field than be mediocre in 5 others. 

This article won't be as long since it's relatively self-explanatory. But it's an important thing to figure out in order to grow your business. It's also a topic that's easily overlooked. 

Starting From The Top 

When figuring out your ideal client a common approach is to reverse engineer exactly what you want. So, start from the top. 

Do you want to focus on: 

- Groups/Pairs/Individuals

- Male/Female/Both 

- In-Home Training

- Weight Loss/Muscle Gain

- Sports & Athletic Training 

- Younger/Older Clients 

Once you've isolated a few categories you can then strategize on how to target that specific client. 

Marketing & Sales 

Now that you've figured out your niche. You have to market yourself and conduct yourself in the appropriate way to attract and keep your desired client. 

If you're focusing on weight loss for at-home moms you can't have the hard hitter attitude of a PT whose main clientele are bodybuilders. Similarly, if you're training groups of people you will have to provide a bulk group discount to make it affordable for the team you're training. Your testimonials also have to show the results that your niche is looking for. 

Plan your advertising strategy around this as well. Take a look at my FB ad fundamentals to see how you can create, tweak and refine advertisements to hit your specific demographic. 

Figuring out your niche is incredibly important. You can base your entire growth strategy on who you would like to target. Determining your niche will also make life much easier and will help you attract clients faster. 

If you're looking to work together and want me to help you with finding your niche. Don't hesitate to reach out and contact me here.